Review: Witchcryer ‘When Their Gods Come For You’

Witchcryer explode back into your stereo with the inspired title for album number two, When Their Gods Come For You. The narrative throughout explores Greek gods, titans, deities & goddesses across varying ages and civilization to deliver a compelling concept album that’s a fun slab of rock/metal from start to finish. Personally, I don’t understand why concept albums get such a shaky reputation, and this album does nothing to diminish this viewpoint when it confidently conjures images of gods fighting it out to a Sabbath inspired backdrop.

Witchcryer 'When Their Gods Come For You'

The album opener, The Devil And The Deep Blue, with its familiar rolling verse riff, is constantly torn down with a slow accentuated doom inspired groove that comes to life when Suzie Bravo’s hauntingly perfect vocals cut through the mix. The slithering effect to them is a master stroke as the lyrics go on to explore the tale of selling one’s soul for power, only to be swallowed by an apocalyptic leviathan. The vibe continues on Hellmouth where Suzie again delivers ominous melodies that’s backed by a thick chugging bass driven tone.

Sisyphus (Holy Roller) signals the albums change in focus to more hard rock style with the lusciously ironic chorus hook of ‘I am the holy roller baby’. The music remains tight across the album while Suzie’s vocals convert to its natural sound with powerful crescendos exemplified in the outro.

Nemesis, The Destroyer explores more intricate cleaner tones, that would almost be at home on a Fleetwood Mac album, which evolves into a heavier distorted sound and showcases Marilyn’s (Pillcrusher/Las Cruces) four string proficiency. The same can also be said of Javi Moctezuma whose drums continually pump out memorable fills across the entire album. Quetzalcoatl and lead single I Rise! are closer to 80s hard rock/metal roots peppered with Texan vibes and lyric hooks that will get stuck in your head for a few days.

slow accentuated doom inspired groove that comes to life when Suzie Bravo’s hauntingly perfect vocals cut through…

Blackfoot Creation Story – Spirit Power slows down the album with seven plus minutes of stoner rock vibes, coupling the spirit of creation and stone to create the soundscape. The extended outro sees Suzie strip back to a spoken self-reflective monologue as Jason Muxlow’s guitar takes over to tell its own expansive jammed out inspired story.     

The title track closes the album with another seven plus minute offering bringing the story full circle with the enigmatic proclamation that if one does not stand up for what they believe in, someone else will choose for them. The line ‘When their gods come for you’ forges images of Ivar the Boneless and Ethelred fighting for the existence of their own gods to the death.

The artwork from Kyle Otto captures multiple hands of hell and gods dragging the soul in multiple directions to satisfy their own paradigms. The full release will continue the concept with features from David Paul Seymour (I Rise!), John Michael Bowley (Hellmouth), Daniel Augustus Marschner (Nemesis, The Inevitable) and Gerardo Quetzatl Garcia (Quetzatlcoatl).

Suzie is quoted as saying ‘it’s the album I’ve been writing my whole life’ which shines across the eight track filler-less album with a sense of purpose and vision. Brant Sankey and Ripple Music remain at the helm for album two and fans of their first will instantly hear the leap in confidence and overall production that is particularly evident on the first two tracks.

Final Score: 4 out 5 apocalyptic leviathans.

Label: Ripple Music
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Scribed by: Maxx