1000 Mods ‘Liquid Sleep’ 7″ 2010

1000 Mods 'Liquid Sleep' 7" 20101000 Mods…I was expecting some sharp suited, feather cut wide boys with a fearsome pill habit, a Lambretta and some spiky Who influenced pop but I guess in their Greek homeland the name has an entirely different meaning. The fact that both tracks on this 7″ feature the word Sleep in the title is probably the biggest giveaway as to where these guys are coming from musically. This is a big, organic wall of stoned doom that goes a long way towards competing with the big boys.

On the A side we have “Burnt Sleep”, a fantastic crunchathon with some lovely buzzing guitars and a sweet groove to the drums. It brings to mind prime Acrimony on a Sabbath trip. Half way through the tune flips on it’s head and takes a stroll down the Acid field with a nice, psychedelic jam that evoke the smokey days of Pink Floyd or possibly some of Orange Goblin’s more mellow moments.

Flip this bad boy over and as the needle nudges into “Liquid Sleep” things have taken yet another turn. Less of a “song” that its counterpart, this has a more rolling stoner/doom kind of vibe and is entirely instrumental. Less immediate that its flip side which benefits from some cool gravely vocals, but no less interesting as it weaves its way through the riffs.

I have to mention the production…raw yet crystal clear with an analogue edge that so many bands try to achieve yet so many fail to capture. This really does echo with the spirit of the first two Sabbath albums.

Tunes like this were made for vinyl…the clunk as the needle hits the plastic, the crack and pops and the lovely packaging. This is like being dumped back in 1973…good times and good tunes!!!!

Label: SuiSound Productions
Website: www.myspace.com/1000mods

Scribed by: Ollie Stygall