WOLVHAMMER: Stereogum Exclusively Streaming Clawing Into Black Sun

Wolvhammer - Photo by Adam DeGross
Stereogum is now hosting an exclusive stream of Midwestern metal cult, WOLVHAMMER’s third, monstrous full-length album, Clawing Into Black Sun, as the album nears release in just one week via Profound Lore Records.

Amidst a continually-expanding mass of journalistic praise of the fifty-minute Clawing Into Black Sun, Stereogum’s write-up of WOLVHAMMER’s newworks, which accompanies the album stream, is among the most positive yet. Referring to the bands first two albums — 2010′s Black Marketeers Of World War III and 2011′s The Obsidian Plains – as “violently aggressive, ugly things of crusty, hardcore-based black metal,” Stereogum states that the material on the new record, “feels quite a bit more subdued by comparison: It’s clear, spacious, doomy, almost goth-y in places.” It continues, praising, “Clawing Into Black Sun deserves to be heard. All the editorial choices and advancements made here by WOLVHAMMER are positive ones; this is the band’s best album to date.”

Listen to all of Clawing Into Black Sun at Stereogum now RIGHT HERE.

Wolvhammer 'Clawing Into Black Sun' Artwork

Clawing Into Black Sun will see be in stores next Tuesday, July 8th, WOLVHAMMER’s second full-length to see release by Profound Lore. WOLVHAMMER’s amalgamation of black metal and death rock surges with self-infliction, abuse, regret, and debauchery, Uniting members of Shaidar Logoth, Abigail Williams, Chrome Waves, Doomsday and other acts. Recorded by Dan Jensen at Hideaway Studio in Minneapolis, the bruising eight songs obviously displaying how the band’s songwriting and delivery skills have developed since previous releases.

Preorders for Clawing Into Black Sun are live; order the CD through Profound Lore HERE, digital HERE, and the LP via guitarist Jeff Wilson’s Disorder Recordings, HERE.

Stand by as WOLVHAMMER schemes on upcoming Summer and Autumn tour actions in support of Clawing Into Black Sun. More new info will be disclosed in the coming weeks.


Source: Earsplit PR
Photo Credit: Adam DeGross