We’re Back & New Artwork – Thanks CAVUM!

Some of you might have noticed this here website has been offline for the last 24 hours; well the good news is we’re back, which if you’re reading this is like stating the blatantly obvious. Some of you eagle eyed readers might have also noticed we have new artwork, so a massive thanks to CAVUM for the awesome illustration as it’s like he’s read my mind. Maybe time to get some new t-shirts printed?

The Sleeping Shaman - New Artwork

If you’re not familiar with his work, check out his website at www.cavumscriptorium.com along with Weirdo Canyon Dispatch as we’ve had the pleasure of using his pen & ink skills for the past few years.

The other change is the site has been moved to a new server, which is also running an SSL, so not only should it run better, but also secure for those with security in mind.

That’s all for now and keep an eye open for new reviews, exclusive streams and some interesting interviews we’ve got in the pipeline.