THE OBSESSED To Headline South Of Mainstream Festival 2012

South Of Mainstream 2012

EXILE ON MAINSTREAM is thrilled to announce that THE OBSESSED have been confirmed as headlining act on this year’s edition of the fabulous SOUTH OF MAINSTREAM FESTIVAL.

We are utterly happy, not only to welcome such a legend but also one of the bands that can be named as being responsible for our whole existence. Not only is Exile On Mainstream a label based on a deep admiration for the underground and sometimes unexplored and a certain tradition of it’s manifestations like THE OBSESSED have presented in the past, we are also just plainly die-hard fans and who knows, if it wouldn’t have been for the discovery of their legendary albums, we might not haven’t started a label.

With the 2012 edition of the SOUTH OF MAINSTREAM Festival we intended to pay tribute to the different facets and inaugural manifestations of what became this label and we seem to have accomplished the mission we had in mind. The dreams came true. There is quite a number and variety of bands playing this year who had a massive impact on what we like to present, to achieve and, simply, to be. THE OBSESSED surely being one of these bands, but it doesn’t end here – also named can be BULBUL, of which we always said that when we discovered the band in the Nineties, Andreas, founder of Exile On Mainstream postulated whenever he would start a label, a band or whatever it shall be like BULBUL: no boundaries, no restrictions, just a massive sense of humor, paired with an urge do deconstruct clichees without negating the Rock.

Furthermore we are pumped to see OSTINATO appearing as well in a one-time-only reunion show. OSTINATO have probably been the band that did put Exile On Mainstream on the international map for music lovers as it was the first band we really marketed worldwide and numerous tours we did with them showed us not only how outstanding musicians they are but also their whole approach and attitude did put more than one grin on our faces. After they disbanded in 2009 after a breathtaking show in Leipzig, Germany, some tears were floating. Now they are back for one show.

It would be too much and probably boring for you reader to name all the bands appearing on the festival this year but be assured, each single one has some kind of connection to us and our appearance, being it WINO & CONNY OCHS, who probably would have never met without this label (something which remarks probably the most heartwarming moments in running a label), being it IDES OF GEMINI, BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, TARENTATEC, VERSUS THE STILLBORN-MINDED, DXBXSX, COR, BAD LUCK RIDES ON WHEELS, TSCHAI KA, WE INSIST!, REFLECTOR, KASAN, ARAN EPOCHAL and DER_WARRIOR – all bands consisting of people who are not only musicians but stalwarts in helping out the underground as journalists, promoters, tourmanagers, sound guys, graphic artists, web designers – we all owe them a great deal for help they had given us in the past, most of the time without expecting any revenue.

Apart from that we present two of our newest signings: DARSOMBRA and STINKING LIZAVETA who both will celebrate their record releases on the festival. This all framed by some of the musically most challenging acts of our times such as PLANKS, BROKEN.HEART.COLLECTOR, ANTLERED MAN, XANTHAN GUM, NINA and seminal ULME-frontman ARNE HEESCH, who will present an acoustic solo set for the first time in his life.

Ticket presale will start on July 3rd 2012 and The new website just went up, giving all info necessary which you can check out at



3 days of peace, music and lovemaking in a tent.

Location: 04916 Schönewalde-Stolzenhain (app. 1 hr South Of Berlin)

Date: 6/ 7/ 8 September 2012

The full Line Up is as follows:

The Obsessed
Ides Of Gemini
Wino & Conny Ochs
Stinking Lizaveta
We Insist!
Black Shape Of Nexus
Versus The Stillborn-Minded
Antlered Man
Tschai Ka
Xanthan Gum
Aran Epochal
Bad Luck Rides On Wheels
Arne Heesch (Ulme)
Nina Und Die Andern Beeden