Soggy Bog 145 – Artist Spotlight: Roberts, Karmazid & Burke Plus New Uzala & Rainbows Are Free Tracks

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The latest Soggy Bog Podcast, episode 145, is now available and this weeks show features some of the bands that enlisted the talents of the great artists Tony Roberts, Karmazid & Adam Burke and to quote Bob from the Soggy Bog “Whether its album covers, posters, banners, t shirts or stickers, the art used to represent a band is very important, I should have done this sooner”.

I couldn’t agree more and this weeks playlist not only includes new tracks from Uzala and Rainbows Are Free but also older and newer tracks from the likes of Conan, The Howling Wind, Slomatics, Bismuth, Undersmile, Blood Ceremony, Dark Buddha Rising, Purson, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Ancient Warlocks, Fellwoods, Dunbarrow, Jess And The Ancient Ones and a whole lot more!

You can stream the show below and head over to for the complete playlist and show notes, you can also follow Bob over on Facebook at