Shaman Recordings: Nature Is The Devil’s Church On Discogs – DO NOT BUY!

Black Magician 'Nature Is The Devil's Church' vinyl

Shaman Recordings have released a statement about ‘Nature Is The Devil’s Church’ being sold on Discogs for more or less double the normal price…

Well it didn’t take long for the chancers (yes I am being too kind) to list the Black Magician LP on Discogs as 2 copies have recently appeared for the over inflated price of €30.00 and €39.00 and that’s not including shipping, so pretty much double the price over getting a copy direct from Shaman Recordings, so please DO NOT BUY from the sellers Pamfletty and Vasdenyas.

Now I welcome an open market to sell and trade records for sold out, rare or even unwanted records, but for fucks sake, this hasn’t been released a month yet and isn’t even sold out. It’s also made me to start to think about limiting sales to 1 copy per person in future as it looks like human greed of a mindless few has ruined it for everyone else.

The LP is still available for the normal price HERE, digital downloads are available HERE and the CD is available from Burning World HERE.

Thanks for reading.