POWERED WIG MACHINE Release New Music Video For The Track ‘At The Helm Of Hades’

Powered Wig Machine 'At The Helm Of Hades' Video Poster

Arizona borderland fuzz-slingers POWERED WIG MACHINE have released a new music video for the song “At The Helm Of Hades” off their upcoming album release “Supa-Collider.”

The video, filmed in the legendary old western town of Tombstone, Az, is a high flying hat nod to 70’s car chases and sci-fi westerns. The storyboard in the video is based off the outline of the unfinished graphic novel written by frontman Wayne Rudell. “I really wanted to do something different for this video. I wanted to make short film more than a video.”

The video was edited and directed by the aspiring ASU film student Greg Scott Daniel Rubner. The video’s production and casting were done by PWM’s bass player Joey Rudell. “To get some of the great shots we needed for the video we needed some serious help.” Nathan Nazeck with Prodigy Video was the man for the job, So we flew long-time friend of the band in from Ohio to handle all the videography. “It was awesome to watch Nathan and Greg work. The outcome of the video was more than I could have ever expected.”

So if you got a spare 5 mins and you are partial to fuzz, muscle cars, worm-holes, or westerns then “At The Helm Of Hades” is sure to be right up your alley. Oh and remember the best things about videos…if you like them share the shit out of them!