Milwaukee Doomsters MOON CURSE Sign With Bilocation Records/Kozmik Artifactz

Moon Curse

Bilocation Records/Kozmik Artifactz are proud to announce that mighty doomsters MOON CURSE signed with us for an expanded re-release of their epic debut LP!

The album will feature the yet unheard exclusive track “Seminary Woods” and will be mastered for vinyl by Tony Reed (Mos Generator).

The album will be available in 2014 – of course on high quality 180g vinyl and housed in a heavy gatefold cover…all handnumbered and limited!

Read on for more info about MOON CURSE

Beneath the faded light of Milwaukee’s infamous “polish moon” clock tower (a structure built for the sole intent of dominating the night sky and the view of it’s immigrant residents), three bleary eyed mystics brew stoner hymns dedicated to baphomet bongsmoke, Pontiac muscle and 70’s rock n’ rollers. following a DOOMED path, tred by true HEAVY fanatics before them, a path that will always remain for those dedicated to the riff; MOON CURSE walk with intent to play loud and proud! Keith bangs the drums, Rochelle strums the Squier P bass, and Matt breaks Orange amplifiers and howls. One could cite Sabbath (duh!), Zeppelin, or a handful of other protometal-fuzz-stoner-whatever-rock as influnces, but you get the idea! You know it! You love it! so.. GET CURSED!