GRIFTER: Featured On This Months Classic Rock Magazine Sampler CD


Despite being about as musically fashionable as platform shoes, Ra-Ra skirts and ruff collars, UK rock and rollers Grifter have managed to sneak their track ‘Asshole Parade‘ onto this month’s Classic Rock Magazine (issue 163) sampler CD. The Magazine have compiled a 17 track disc of what they consider to be some of the best blues infused hard and heavy rock and roll around…not the awful Armani and cocaine blues of 80’s Clapton but grimey, beer and sweat soaked blues with amps cranked to speaker ripping level. Other bands on the CD include Backdraft, Orchid and Trash Titan.

Grifter‘s self titled debut album, which features the track Asshole Parade is being released by Ripple Music and lands in the shops on October 4th but you can now grab a copy direct from the band at and you can read Mark’s review of said album here.

Grifter will also be playing the following shows:

Thursday September 29th – The Rose, Hounslow with Desert Storm, XII Boar and Strung Heavy
Friday September 30th – The Purple Turtle, Camden for the inaugural Desertscene Club Night with My Sleeping Karma and Steak. This is Grifter’s official London album launch
Friday October 7th – The Junction Underground, Plymouth. Hometown album launch with support from Stump Grinder and Guns Under the table