GOLD: Dutch Contemporary Rock Revelation Deliver Video For Debut LP’s Key Track


Following a triumphant unfurling via German cult label Ván Records in December, The Netherlands’ heavy rock act GOLD today proudly unveils the official video for “Antebellum”, the key track for their debut album, Interbellum. Written and directed by Bastiaan Bosma with producer Natasa Heydra, “Antebellum” is an incredibly vibrant track that perfectly lays the groundwork for the rest of GOLD’s radiant album through a very unique and colorful artistic video interpretation.

Stated GOLD in a collective statement on the creation and inception of the video: “To us, ‘Antebellum’ is the key song of our debut album. Musically it serves as the blue print of our sound, combining a variety of influences into a fresh and contemporary new entity. Lyrically it takes the metaphor of the calm before the storm to describe a feeling of being out of place in a world that is on the verge of collapsing. Therefore it was a must for us that this would be the first official video of the album. Writer and director Bastiaan Bosma created a video that fits the song perfectly. He approached the theme from his own twisted point of view and created a story about lust and control larded with a tad of sex and a shade of horror.”

View the spectacle that is “Antebellum” with the new video below and the entire Interbellum album is also still streaming at rock/metal portal PureGrainAudio.

Source: Earsplit PR