DesertFest London 2014 Check In With The Hotel City Wrecking Traders

Hotel Wrecking City Traders

When listening to a Hotel Wrecking City Traders track it’s easy to imagine that they’re a five-piece, fuzzed-out, day-dreamy rock n‘roll band straight out of the California desert in 1995.

Yet the fact is they’re a duo from Melbourne, Australia who manage to pack that massive sound into a two-piece unit. Though they’ve consistently evolved their unique brand of noise rock since their inception in 2007, their recent shift to a desert sound is no coincidence. In the past three years, the duo has not only collaborated but also toured with Palm Desert’s instrumental psychedelic group Yawning Man, and recently played a New Years Eve show on their home turf with California’s Earthless and The Shrine.

Camden’s DesertFest 2014 will be a perfect home for this act.

DesertFest London 2014 takes place over the weekend of the 25th-27th April 2014 across 3 venues in Camden, London and weekend passes are available from Leeds Tickets HERE.

Kind Words: Cat Jones