BANDA DE LA MUERTE: Begin Recording New Album

Banda de la Muerte

The Argentinian four-piece Banda de la Muerte are entering the studio on Jan 2nd 2012 to record their second full length album. Video updates from the studio will be published at the official website of the band in the following weeks.

Difficult to fully fit into any particular style, Banda de la Muerte’s sound combines rock, stoner and hardcore punk elements. The band (Xon – vocals, guitar; Seba Barrionuevo – guitar; Nico Foresi – bass; Guillermo Gómez – drums) is formed by members of emblematic for the Buenos Aires’ stoner and metal underground scene acts like Jesus Martyr, Melissa and Buffalo.

Banda de la Muerte released their debut self-titled album through the independent Argentinian label Zonda Records in 2009. It can now be streamed at their bandcamp page and you can also read Tom’s review of said album here.