Weedeater / Stinking Lizaveta / Rise To Thunder – Manchester 20/03/08

Weedeater / Stinking Lizaveta / Rise To Thunder - Manchester 20/03/08

Star & Garter, Manchester 20/03/08

I only became aware on the way down in the car that Rise To Thunder where tonight’s opening act and was instantly excited about seeing them. I’m glad to say they did not disappoint, blasting out a solid set of instrumental guitar driven madness. They played two tracks off their CD and another I’d not heard, remaining tight and focus throughout. A band to keep an eye on I’d say.

Rise To Thunder

Next to grace the stage are Stinking Lizaveta who I’d never heard or indeed knew much about before tonight. Again a tight and competent set from this Philadelphia three piece consisting of some weird and wonderful up tempo tunes with crazed structures and drum patterns. A rather unconventional band all round really with the bassist using a double bass and the vocalist using the pick up on his guitar at times as a mic.

Stinking Lizaveta

Finally Weeedater take over the stage and get ready to kick some ass with their gnarly brand of distorted carnage. These three southern gents fronted by the real deal outlaw Dixie meant business; this was obvious before they even started playing. There set was a good mix of old and new numbers with the highlights for me being ‘Monkey Junction’ from there ‘And Justice for Y’All’ CD and a blinding cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Gimme Back My Bullets’ which came out of the blue and fit these guys perfectly.


All the bands benefited for a huge thick sound tonight, and i’ll have to put this down as being a cool gig. Entertaining and inspiring, just what a good show should be. Hell, at least i can remember this one.

Scribed by: Mark Burns
Photos by: Lee Edwards