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To contact The Sleeping Shaman, please fill out the form below, if submitting a recording for review or a news submission, please take a minute to read our FAQ first.


** Please Note **
The administration for this site is done by one man who sits in a darkened room, interacting with the outside world solely through his computer drinking endless streams of coffee and eating nothing but takeaways! Unfortunately he has neither the time nor the inclination to sift through any unsolicited material he may get sent to send out to his small but dedicated team of scribes.

If you would like to submit something for review or to feature on the news, please read the FAQ to see if it’s suitable for inclusion before contacting us.

Any unsolicited physical promos will eventually get lost under a sea of empty pizza boxes and unsolicited downloads…etc will be ignored and deleted.

Please take some time to read the content of the site first to see if you think your band may be suitable for inclusion…we’re pretty broad minded but stuff made by kids with stupid fringes and crap skinny fit jeans may be treated with the scorn and derision they deserve!!!

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