Premiere: T.Gondii & Sex Howitzers – Split 7″ Of Dutch Hardcore Punk Drops 1st June

Have we got a treat for you with some fast and furious old school Dutch hardcore, and no, before you start thinking, shit has The Shaman taken a sidestep into showing some seedy porn that could be purchased for a few guilders in the once sordid back alleys of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, we’re talking the punk and thrash variety in the form of T.Gondii & Sex Howitzers who are readying themselves to release a split 7”.


Entitled Keihard, which translates to ‘extremely hard’ (no, we’re still not talking porn so please stop giggling at the back), this short, sharp shock of seriously pissed off and raging hardcore punk would feel right at home playing DIY gigs in squats around The Netherlands during the late 80s and early 90s, alongside bands like the legendary Lärm/Seein’ Red, Heresy, Ripcord and even the crust punk of Hiatus.

Set to be released on the 1st June across five labels; God Unknown Records, Barnyard Boogie, Darcy Trash Records, Loner Cult and Way Back When Records, today it’s our absolute pleasure to bring you a cut from each band. First up is T.Gondii with the 53 second stomper Super that’s swiftly followed by Sex Howitzers and their 51 second thrash fest Locked In.

More On T.Gondii & Sex Howitzers ‘Keihard’ 7”

These two newcomers in the Dutch hardcore quarters, T. Gondii and Sex Howitzers forced together this split record onto a small slab of vinyl. Both bands have members who are also in all the other Dutch bands. Fast hardcore for people who are into early UK hardcore. 14 tracks on one 7″. Fast no-frills and unpoetic thrash for the socially alienated. For fans of Heresy and Ripcord.

T.Gondii & Sex Howitzers 'Keihard'

Keihard Tracklisting:

T.Gondii Side:
01. Sgurd
02. Liftmuziek
03. N.S.
04. Super
05. Virus
06. T.Gondii
07. Bennekel

Sex Howitzers Side:
08. Intro
09. Locked In
10. Passive
11. Bat Soup
12. Black And Blue 
13. Scum
14. Hang The Hang Youth

Label: God Unknown Records | Barnyard Boogie | Darcy Trash Records | Loner Cult | Way Back When
T. Gondii: Facebook | Bandcamp
Sex Howitzers: Facebook | Bandcamp