Premiere: Grim Earth ‘Foul And Rotten’ – New Album ‘In The Throes Of Madness’ Lands 5th Nov

It’s been a busy year for Albuquerque based Desert Records and their run of issuing a release a month is now culminating with the new eight track sludge fest from Olympia’s Grim Earth. With a line-up shuffle going from a four-piece to a three-piece and the addition of Jay Hall on bass and vocals, the band prepare to unleash their new album In The Throes Of Madness on the 5th November.

Grim Earth
Grim Earth

And today, we’re delighted to wallow in the murk of Grim Earth by bringing you the third track of this putrid opus, Foul And Rotten, but before you click play, guitarist and vocalist Craig Moore has this to say about the near four minutes that are about to terrorize your ears…

Foul And Rotten is a song that I wrote after a very intense and negative yet formative time in my life. To me, recording this song was the final step to closing this chapter of my life. While it may be one of our slower songs it’s definitely full of raw emotion that we feel comes through when we play it live.’

More On Grim Earth & ‘In The Throes Of Madness’

In The Throes Of Madness serves itself as a release of anger, fear, depression, disappointment and all the other things that come along with the current climate of the world we’re living in.

For new listeners of Grim Earth this album is a progressive step in a slightly different direction from previous material. Member changes, coupled with new interests and the want to experiment with different genres led the band down the path of exploring new territory while maintaining the sound that fans associate them with.

Grim Earth
Grim Earth

In The Throes Of Madness is about the human condition and all the things intertwined within that complicated subject while also touching the band’s own personal feelings and emotions.

The album is filthy, distorted and full of rage which also perfectly sums up how they were feeling while writing this album. Its full of screeching feedback, abrupt tempo changes and abrasive tone while still paying mind to the riff.

Grim Earth 'In The Throes Of Madness'
Grim Earth ‘In The Throes Of Madness’ Artwork

The band took inspiration from lots of their favorite hardcore/powerviolence and death metal bands and added it into their songwriting formula.

In The Throes Of Madness Tracklisting:
01. Equalizer
02. Sick Fuck (Part 2)
03. Foul and Rotten
04. Black Tar Blues
05. In the Service of Madness
06. Saturated Solution
07. Unforgiving Existence
08. Eaten Alive

Grim Earth is:
Craig Moore – Guitar, Vocals
Jay Hall – Bass, Vocals
Austin Peterson – Drums

Grim Earth and their new album In The Throes Of Madness will be released through Desert Records on the 5th November as a compact disc and digital download. Pre-orders are available now over on the labels webstore, or directly from the band on Bandcamp.

Label: Desert Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram