Video Premiere: Fostermother ‘Sunday’ – New Album ‘The Ocean’ Releases 18th February

Texas based stoner and doom rock trio Fostermother recently signed their life away to the bounteous Ripple Music who are set to release their nine-track sophomore album The Ocean on the 18th February next year. But prior to that elusive date, we at The Shaman are beyond elated to bring you the first track from the long-player that goes under the name of Sunday.

Fostermother - Photo by Justin Ikpo
Fostermother – Photo by Justin Ikpo

Mixing a deluge of heavy and harmonious riffs, with a solid backbone of bass and drums that keep the sonics grounded, the band comments on the track, ‘Sunday is about someone leaving the world to pursue life as they desire. It metaphorically touches on a person losing perspective and rejecting ideas that oppose their own. I’ve seen a lot of families and friends torn apart in recent years it somewhat stems from that.’

Now click play below for the four and a half minutes that is Sunday

More On Fostermother & ‘The Ocean’

Fostermother is a doom metal band formed in 2019 on the thriving scene of Houston, Texas. Originally a solo project Travis Weatherred, quickly joined by bassist Stephen Griffin, the band made an impression within the stoner and doom scene with their Self-Titled debut album, ‘hitting both soft and hard in all the right places, leaving oddly-comforting destruction in its wake’ (Everything Is Noise).

Fostermother - Photo by Kimberly Weatherred
Fostermother – Photo by Kimberly Weatherred

Now a three-head hydra with the addition of drummer Jason Motamedi, the band signed to Californian heavy rock powerhouse Ripple Music for the release of its follow-up The Ocean in February 2022. About the new album, frontman Travis Weatherred says, ‘It is largely about dealing depression and isolation. It also speaks on individuals who would eagerly trade everything and everyone in the pursuit of their own self-interest all while casting judgment on others. These behaviors have a negative impact on friends, family, and society as a whole.’

He continues, ‘Depression is viewed in two ways lyrically; a lack of desire to take care of yourself and the drive to move past it by seeking redemption and new motivations. The Ocean represents Isolation in society. I often find my healing/coping process is found best when I clear my thoughts in a quiet room which is where the album ends.’

Fostermother 'The Ocean'
Fostermother ‘The Ocean’ Artwork

All music was written and performed by Travis Weatherred (vocals, guitar, synth, drums) and Stephen Griffin (bass, keys, and additional guitar). It was produced and mixed by Travis Weatherred. The artwork was designed by UK-based painter Ryan T. Hancock.

The Ocean Tracklisting:
01. Sunday
02. Seasons
03. Hedonist
04. Dark Desires
05. Unholiest of Days
06. The Ocean
07. Arrival
08. Redeemer
09. Solitude

Fostermother is:
Travis Weatherred – Vocals, Guitar
Stephen Griffin – Bass
Jason Motamedi – Drums

Fostermother and their new album The Ocean releases 18th February via Ripple Music, pre-orders for vinyl, compact disc, and digital download are available now over on Bandcamp.

Label: Ripple Music
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram