Premiere: Draken ‘Mountain In An Endless Ocean’ – Debut Album Drops 26th March

It’s Wednesday so time for a bit of rock and metal in the form of Oslo’s Draken, a power trio who have one foot firmly planted in the roots of 70s heavy rock and a fist in the air to metal and doom. As the band prepare to release their debut, Self-Titled, album through Majestic Mountain Records, today we can bring you the second cut from the seven tracker.


Recorded live in their rehearsal space, the video, filmed and edited by Frode Menes and Svein Arne Egenæs, captures the band in a cramped, yet explosive setting lined with vintage amps, as they shread through the six minute rockathon of Mountain In An Endless Ocean. Missing live music? Then click play below to be whisked into an imaginary dank and sweaty club with Draken

More On Draken & Their Self-Titled Debut

Majestic Mountain Records is psyched to announce the official release of Draken, the self-titled debut album from Norway’s most exciting and new prog rock power trio.

Formed in 2018 by Spidergawd/Orango bassist Hallvard Gaardløs and close friend Andre Drage, Draken is a rock band with an appetite for reinvention. Recently becoming a fully-fledged power triumvirate with the addition of jazz/progressive virtuoso, Even Hermansen of Bushman’s Revenge on guitar, the trio dig on the Metals and Hard Rocks of old, and in doing so channel the inspiration they unearth into something truly unique.


Recorded during the cold winter months with producer Vegard Liverød at Røffsound Studios on the northern outskirts of Oslo, the energy and synergy shared between the band shines through. One room, three musicians, every scrap of equipment and gear jammed tightly together. Spirited and raw in form, Draken is a testament to the very sessions and talents that spawned this intriguing collective. As Hallvard explains, ‘We were really excited and eager to prove ourselves. All three of us are very passionate about the music and very vocal about our opinions, so the heat was definitively on!’

Draken 'Draken'

Draken ‘Draken’ Tracklisting:
01. Realm Of Silence
02. Way Down Low
03. Grand General
04. (We Walk In) Circles
05. The Master
06. Strange Love
07. Mountain In An Endless Ocean

Draken are:
Hallvard Gaardløs – Bass, Vocals
Even Hermansen – Guitar
Andre Drage – Drums

Draken and their Self-Titled debut album will be released on 26th March via Majestic Mountain Records, and pre-orders are available now from the labels webstore.

Label: Majestic Mountain Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram