Video Premiere: Dalila Kayros ‘Yonder’ – New Album ‘Animami’ Releases 1st July

As vocalist and visionary Dalila Kayros, in collaboration with electronics guru Danilo Casti, prepare to release their new album Animami which features eleven tracks of avant-garde dark electronica through Subsound Records on the 1st July, we at The Shaman are beyond ecstatic to bring you the video for the track Yonder.

Dalila Kayros - Photo by DKDC
Dalila Kayros – Photo by DKDC

The captivating visual, which was filmed and edited by DKDC and Federico Branca, takes you to an ethereal world that flawlessly balances the haunting cinematic soundscapes of Casti that are layered with Kayros’ serene vocals. Now click play below and travel into the Yonder with Dalila Kayros and Danilo Casti

More on Dalila Kayros, Danilo Casti & ‘Animami’

Dalila Kayros is a singer, composer, and vocal researcher, active in the experimental music scene since 2013. Kayros studied jazz vocals between Barcelona and Sardinia, but her musical path has gone in different directions driving her into unexplored music terrains, exploring and extending her vocal possibilities. The music of Dalila Kayros is based on a conceptual approach, beyond genres.

She released three albums, NUHK (2013), Transmutations [I] (2018), and Animami, to be released in July 2022 through Subsound Records. In 2014 Kayros joined an avant-extreme band SYK.

Dalila Kayros - Photo by DKDC
Dalila Kayros – Photo by DKDC

Danilo Casti is an electroacoustic musician and composer born in Cagliari (Sardinia-island, Italy). He’s been present in the Italian electronic music scene since the early 2000s. Casti performs either as a solo artist or as a member of collective projects.

Danilo Casti is part of Dalila Kayros‘s band as an electronic musician, composer and arranger since 2018. Casti also regularly collaborates with Alessandro Carboni‘s contemporary dance company as a music composer and sound performer.

Danilo Casti
Danilo Casti

Casti’s music style includes synthetic and concrete sounds organized in different ways, from straightforward composition to an algorithmic generative approach. As a composer, since the beginning, his career was strongly influenced by the experimental theatre and contemporary dance experiences, expressing his music by ranging around atmospheric and soundscape-based pieces.

‘A mystic journey inside the unconscious’ is probably the only way to describe the upcoming release of Dalila Kayros, Animami LP, coming out on Subsound Records on 1st July.

The album tells about discovering the dark side of the mind as an endless path of inner transformation, a journey into consciousness facing all shadows hidden inside. ‘I think through my new LP I found a way to read the symbols of the deep inner self’ says Dalila, adding ‘It’s reaching the Dragon inside the cave, the great Animami where all the shadows are merged in there. I’m just feeling myself a bit more aware of how light can be spread through the darkness’. Dalila sums the concept of Animami by saying: ‘There’s no light without darkness, there’s no darkness without light.’

Dalila Kayros - Photo by Daniele Fadda
Dalila Kayros – Photo by Daniele Fadda

But there is no way to reach out the harmony between darkness and light then reaching your darkness entirely. ‘What helped me reach the balance between darkness and light was putting everything in music’. Dalila focuses on the matter of fixation saying, ‘The only way to reach harmony with yourself is to feel your darkness entirely, to know it, embrace it, named it and let it be part of you. I broke the cosmic egg. Now I feel both sun and the moon doing magic together. But the inner transmutation is an endless process, never you’ll reach the perfect crystal, everything is always in progress.’

Through a magical rite, the unintegrated part of the self gets merged into a more complex totality. From the deep black sea to the dawn of a new transmutation. Commenting on the origin of the title, Kayros explains: Animami is how I named the shadows hidden in mind, entities living in the unconscious and forming a chaotic matter melted with thought and emotions. They are vanishing but visible and capable of appearing in multiple shapes.’

Danilo Casti - Photo by Daniele Fadda
Danilo Casti – Photo by Daniele Fadda

For Dalila Kayros, every project and release is a journey. The singer started her work on the record that became Animami back in 2019, when Kayros met composer Danilo Casti, ‘Our research in music is dynamic, it’s like discovering new world dimensions through sounds and we think this is amazing.’ intrigues Kayros, adding ‘Thus, there is a deep and straight connection between the concepts and the composition of the whole album.’

The last step goes through a complete transformation into a new state of matter, a new liquid form which is not clearly defined. Kayros, explains the matter of transformation saying: ‘It’s just happened so It’s something that needs to be still explored.’

Dalila Kayros 'Animami'
Dalila Kayros ‘Animami’ Artwork

Animami Tracklist:
01. Abyss
02. Animami
03. Seed
04. Aetheric
05. Yonder
06. Sacred
07. Breath
08. Buio
09. Umbra
10. Magical
11. Dawn

Dalila Kayros – Voice, Concept, Lyrics, Music
Danilo Casti – Music, Sound

Animami, the new album from Dalila Kayros is set to be released through Subsound Records on the 1st July and is available for pre-order on vinyl, compact disc, and digital download over on Bandcamp.

Label: Subsound Records
Dalila Kayros: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram
Danilo Casti: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram