Premiere: Cortége ‘Chasing Daylight (Part 1)’ – New EP Out Now Via Desert Records

When the latest Cortége EP Chasing Daylight landed courtesy of Desert Records, they were yet another new name here at Shaman HQ, but hey, that’s all part of the fun. As I clicked play for the first time, I was immediately taken in with the Texan duos sparse, yet captivating doom with tones of drone over the course of the two tracks on offer, bringing to mind a healthy dose of Earth, wrapped up in tubular bells and the sonics of Swans.


As Tim said in his recent review ‘with Morricone like atmospheres and layers liking it to Dylan Carlson’s Earth, you’re transported to the Mojave in one quick move…’ while adding ‘an apocalyptic and attention-grabbing pulse that then slips into a lazy guitar twang…’, I think he was as impressed as I was.

Now today, it’s our absolute pleasure to bring you the premiere of the stunning new Cortége video, that’s full of eastern promise for the track Chasing Daylight: Part 1, the official statement for which reads…


Cortége follow their ongoing themes of doom and destruction in their latest music video, Chasing Daylight: Part 1. Director Talon Skibsrud was inspired by an excerpt from the Bhagavad Gita, which J. Robert Oppenheimer quotes after creating and successfully testing the bomb. Referring to a tale of a Hindu prince who witnesses the god Vishnu taking its multi-armed cosmic form and exclaiming, ‘Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.’

And one half of Cortége, multi-instrumentalist Mike Swarbrick, comments…

‘I’m blown away by the quality of this video, Talon and his team did an amazing job! Their dedication and talent really shine through!’

Now sit back and get lost in this sensational piece of cinematography…

More On Cortége & ‘Chasing Daylight’

Austin (TX) – Post-Western, heavy ambient doom duo Cortége has signed to New Mexico’s Desert Records. The label will release the band’s new EP Chasing Daylight February 26, 2021 on CD and digital formats.

The duo released the following statement concerning the signing:

‘We couldn’t possibly be more pleased to announce our formal partnership with Albuquerque, New Mexico based Desert Records, for both the release of the forthcoming Chasing Daylight EP and yet to be revealed future endeavors. In procuring an impressively diverse and uniquely curated armada of heavy, droning talent across the country, Brad and his team have carved a deep etching in the independent label sphere and we’re proud to say many of our new label mates we already count among friends. And so, from an otherwise dismal year, hope springs eternal. Mark your calendars for the release of our first collaboration together; a cascading, hypnotic post western epic taken to the edge of the sunrise.’

Cortége 'Chasing Daylight'

Recorded, mixed and mastered in the fall of 2020 with Jeff Henson (DUEL) at Red Nova Ranch in Austin, Texas, Chasing Daylight is a cinematic, chrome tinged portrait du temps for the end of the world as well as a musical foreshadowing of things to come. Lush arrangements wind through the familiar Cortége territories of drone, prog, doom, western and ambient soundscapes with a few surprises therein, including a guest appearance from Michael St. Claire on brass. Album cover art comes courtesy of Steven Yoyada.

Chasing Daylight Tracklisting:
01. Chasing Daylight (Part 1)
02. Chasing Daylight (Part 2)

Cortége are:
Mike Swarbrick – Bass VI, Moog, Mellotron, Tubular Bells
Adrian Voorhies – Drums

Cortége and their two track EP Chasing Daylight is out now and available to purchase over on Bandcamp. You can also subscribe to Desert Records, where you’ll receive past, present and future releases, along with exclusive subscriber only benefits. More info can be found over on the labels Bandcamp.

Label: Desert Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram