Withered ‘Folie Circulaire’ CD 2008

Withered 'Folie Circulaire' CD 2008All I ever hear about this band is Mastodon. So they come from Atlanta and happen to know Mastodon, but there really isn’t a great deal more to it than that. These guys take their cues from early Swedish Death Metal instead of the Relapse Records back catalogue. They have then squeezed this influence into a contemporary sludge metal mould and the resulting cast is a lumbering hybrid two parts Necrophobic one part Acid Bath, hideous, noxious and ultimately triumphant.

It batters and blasts in a surging rhythmic cacophony in the same vein as Dissection and Dawn, but instead of simply imitating those classic bands from mid-90’s (although covering Necrophobic’s ‘Into Armageddon’ is maybe a bit too overt a choice of cover song) they apply that southern lysergic crawl to the songs. That low-end, foreboding rumble that changes the inherent nature of this particular beast.

This is another destructive cannon in the State’s Southern armoury, sitting alongside the explosive hate of Goatwhore in the very frontline the current metal in the South.

Label: Prosthetic Records
Website: www.withered.net

Scribed by: Andrew Sloan