Tombstoned – S/T – CD/LP/DD 2013

Tombstoned - S/TThe search for that original sounding really heavy and yet energetic doom is sometimes a long, hard and miserable search that most of the time ends up with you just putting an old classic record on and give up. Well sometimes a gloomy ray of sunshine finds its way into your life and that’s exactly what Finnish Tombstoned manages to do with their self-titled debut album released through Svart Records. The Finns have previously released a demo back in 2010 and the EP “Searching/Let Go” in 2012. Both were self-released and can be found on their Bandcamp site.

It seems that they’re able to catch every single little vibe from heavy down tuned doom to more psych rock and with a whole bunch of dark energy plus everything that lies in between.

This entity from the land of a thousand lakes reminds me of the same energy and heaviness that other, both existing and defunct, Finnish bands deliver. Entwined in the music of Tombstoned is the Finnish touch that I was hoping for when I realized they were from just Finland.

It’s really hard to listen to this album on a high volume and try to do something constructive at the same time as you find yourself just staring into space bobbing your head completely captured by the music. The psyched out touch helps a great deal with this particular feeling and the music takes you on a journey to corners of your mind that you thought you never had. There’s a real nice feeling of 70’s psych rock with all those kinds of psyched effects hypnotising you in the background. Also the effects on the guitars in some parts of the songs makes goose bumps appear in places you never thought goose bumps could appear. I’m getting goose bumps in my forehead as we speak!

The chanting and mesmerising vocals lifts the music even further and makes it complete. Solid and sweet smelling fuzzy riffs and melodies adds the perfect amount of stoner to the mix. It all just blends together so smoothly and all these influences just makes the whole outcome so much heavier and memorable. If listeners aren’t humming parts from the opening track ‘Through Days’ after hearing it a couple of times I don’t know what.

Unfortunately the album is only six tracks long and when you’re far away travelling to worlds that only exist in your own mind and you have no thought of returning to your material body, it ends quite abruptly and leaving the listener confused and with a yearning for more. But then you just play it again… And again… And again…

Label: Svart Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Johannes van der Meer