They Are Cowards – S/T – CDEP 2008

They Are Cowards - S/T - CDEP 2008I got a story for this one;

Something foul keeps getting up your nose, the stench is coming from the house at the end of the road. Curious you edge closer, cautious of the low-end sonic emissions emanating from the crumbling walls. You walk up the path to the front door and the reek becomes overbearing, the kind of rotten stink that makes you dry gag. You locate the source of the stench immediately, there are 20 pig carcass’s piled on the floor of the front room, they’re intestines spilling out onto the wooden floor boards, dripping rotten chime. They’ve been dead about 10 days and their skin is slipping off as they rot into one another. You turn away from the sight trying not to vomit. As you turn back to make your hasty escape your attention is suddenly taken by the slow rhythmic noise coming from a room down the hall. It was hideous, deafening and impossible to distinguish, it made your stomach contract and you involuntarily puked.

When I got this new demo I put my headphones on, closed my eyes and this vision of putrid horror and menace is what I saw. This is doom of the basest variety, a low slung slow pummel. They sound like Iron Monkey raping Burning Witch in an empty barn in the middle of the woods, the kinda noise that will kill all life that happens to hear it. The best demo I’ve heard this year and a band you should check out now.

Fucking cool artwork too and although now sold out, it will be available as a free download soon.

Label: Self Released / Future Noise Recordings
Website: N/A

Scribed by: Andrew Sloan