The Oscillation ‘From Tomorrow’ CD/LP/DD 2013

The Oscillation 'From Tomorrow'I have been looking forward to this, the third album by The Oscillation and can I start by simply saying it has been worth the wait. They start where they left off, awakening with a chant like quality, from the opening track ‘Corridor (Part 1)’ we start, with what is a full on psychedelic master class of shimmering guitars, throbbing bass lines and pounding drums. The vocals seem to summon more than sing. It is a hedonistic oral stroke across the back of my head, as it merges further it with the next track ‘Corridor (Part 2)’ it becomes a more lush and head rocking beast as the use of frenetic keyboard jabbering’s take over from the vocals.

Leading into the ‘Decent’ are slamming drums and tambourines, overdubbed by backward and stabbing keyboards. Slowly we move forward into another place, with the sudden dropping off of the track we fall into disjointed wahwahs and glitching sounds, we are pushed into the ‘No Place To Go’ which is more reminiscent of the mid-eighties revivalist sounds of bands like Loop and Spacemen3. It sears across the room towards me. It is a real animal of a track, it grits and grimes around my head and is an instant classic to my ears.

It’s here we are turned onto the ‘From Tomorrow’ which is a true return to that eighties indie sound, such as the Pale Saints or Chapterhouse. It is here that I am beginning to be stunned by how much I like this album; it is familiar yet new at the same time. The guitars jangle down my spine and right through my rib cage. Leading straight into ‘All You Want To Be’, a pounding near post punk sounding classic, yes that’s right, a classic track. If I never hear any sound again I would be happy with the memory of this one, it verges on pop song status with its chant like chorus and moves me with some great hooks and a catchy beat.

‘Dreams Burn Down’ is a more subtle place again, sounding like a track from My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Loveless’. It weaves with lush ethereal guitars and vocals merging straight into ‘Chrome Cats’ yet another standout song on this slowly becoming my favourite album of this year. It still has that indie sound with a slight disjoint unconnected feeling as it reverberates around my living room. I can see this being played in clubs up and down the land. As it drops away we come back to what The Oscillation do so well with the final track ‘Out Of Touch’ an outstanding song, it’s a unique moment for me, I’m transported to that rare, short lived world of my youth. It is in that place where I remember what it was like to hear something for the first time and being totally excited by it.

All I can say is that you should buy this very soon!!!

Label: All Time Low Productions | Hands In The Dark Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Scribed by: Guy Nolan