The Deadists ‘Time Without Light’ CDEP 2010

The Deadists 'Time Without Light' CDEP 2010THIS IS THE SOUND!

The Hordes of the Infernal crush the very bones of all humanity, to the sound of this slamming beast. From The first to the last note, they genuinely hold you transfixed as the voice of the Crypt Keeper expunges all doubt.


Dark maths rule & riffs aplenty. All players become entwined in the mission. These Musicnauts are firing on all cylinders. Flying in their onslaught of your senses. This oozes professionalisim not matched by the majority of major label bands.

Exacting engineering & production guide you through the journey of inner demoms & madness. This dark, heady distillation of all that is rich in the sphere of DOOMADELICA, reaches into your primal essensce, fulfilling all your needs. Excellent muisicanship, all five tracks are unmissable, well crafted & executed. Perfect vocal deliveries.


This is the sound of darkness rising. Let it drown you now. You will not be disappointed.

Label: Dead Tree Music

Scribed by: Neil Halpin