Sigiriya ‘Return To Earth’ CD/LP 2011

Sigiriya 'Return To Earth' CD/LP 2011This is the sound of a young man’s hair growing past his shoulders and spilling onto his greasy denim jerkin. It is also the sound of a hot boozy Sunday in Matlock Bath staring at the superbikes; something I never did because they all looked the same to me, apart from the odd giant novelty chopper with flames on the tank. Anyway…the scene is set. These four rockin’ Yetis have reformed from the flesh of revered Welsh stoner legends Acrimony. As Stan Lee used to quip in Marvel comic books of yore – “nuff said”. Indeed, the swaggering pedigree gleams through like the dazzling skin-shine on the bald pate of Terry Nutkins. Seven solid tracks of utterly assured heavy rock craftsmanship here boyo. Whilst I wouldn’t particularly give them any points for originality, Sigiriya score high on sheer enjoyment with this short and sweet album; their first recorded offering.

‘The Mountain Goat’ jump-wires the album into life, with characteristic full-bodied guitar attack from Stu O’Hara, a man who bends real-rock shapes like a sun-dried mercenary of metal. His six string roars like an iron lion gargling with lemon and angel-piss, then wah-wahs like a wailing sex-squid, creaming all over the granite fortress of rhythm that is Darren Ivy and Mead. Dorian Walters and his warm and throaty tones ooze bluesy lines that seal this hash-pudding into a feast fit for a wizard. As the album chugs on, one can happily hear Kyuss, Sabbath, a little Thin Lizzy maybe, even a hint of the gorgeous seventies blues-bludgeon of fellow Cambrians Budgie (particularly on the head-nodding power of ‘Whiskey Song’).

As I’ve said earlier, Sigiriya embody a certain ‘all-been-done-before’ pedestrian quality that will put off the more edgy and experimental listener. What is clear though, is if you can leave your inner-music-journo to rest for 36 minutes, this is one lovely little sunshine party of rollicking riffs and Robert Plant-isms that really puts a smile on your tired old mug. ‘Return To Earth’ is a totally unpretentious and big-hearted chunk of laid-back stoner rock that reeks of hazy summer evenings filled with curry, weed, cider and clumsily performed excerpts from the karma sutra. If you loved what Acrimony used to do, and you have a ken for classic rock with a stoner flavour, then Sigiriya will tickle your fancy. And who can resist having their fancy tickled?

Label: Church Within Records

Scribed by: Adam Stone