Review: Collision ‘The Final Kill’

Today I have the honour of reviewing the final release from Dutch grindcore stalwarts, Collision, with their new record The Final Kill.  After twenty years, four full lengths and numerous EP’s/splits they’re calling it a day.  Rather than releasing thirty limited edition shirts at £50, doing a world tour that lasts four years and then returning six months later, what better way of saying goodbye than by putting out a final 15 minute mini album to destroy your listeners sound systems one more time. Does The Final Kill successfully polish off a twenty year stint? Lets find out.

Collision ‘The Final Kill’

Collision don’t fuck about! The album kicks off quicker than your pals mum Susan at your local supermarket customer service team (You know the one, the one with the space helmet haircut). They play a full throttle grind/thrash hybrid which gives huge nods to thrash groups like Nuclear Assault, Sodom, Slayer and S.O.D and grind groups such as Assück, Brutal Truth, Phobia and Nasum. You can hear that the guys are having the time of their life on The Final Kill. The passion really comes through in the music. It feels natural but after twenty years that’s hardly surprising, if anything the group sound at their most polished. 

The dual vocals from Wouter Wagemans and Björn Hylkema are a real high point on the record and remind me of Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Ranging from Brutal Truth’s Kevin Sharp-esque screams/gutturals to Tezz Roberts of Discharge style hardcore shouts. The machine gun drumming would make Mick Harris proud and Job van de Graaf puts in a well-rounded and varied performance which is a stand out on the record.

Track highlights include Engine of Extermination that bounces along with these fun riffs that assault your senses, Frozen Terror is a catchy and digestible slab of grind that I am sure you’ll enjoy and Shell Shock Suicide is two minutes of sheer aggression and chaos, which is the one track that perfectly presents their ‘thrashcore’ sound with tight riffs and off-kilter violence. 

The dual vocals … are a real high point … Ranging from Brutal Truth’s Kevin Sharp-esque screams/gutturals to Tezz Roberts of Discharge style hardcore shouts…

However, similar to the WVRM record (review) released last week, this album is not breaking any boundaries and, although it features Collision at their most polished, I’m not sure of how much re-play value this record will hold. The production is too polished for my liking.  I usually like my grind to be less clean and more gritty, though this should not deter you from trying out The Final Kill.  Also, I must compliment the ace artwork that Luis Sendon (Obscene Extreme, Macabre, Brutal Truth) has delivered, it’s pretty killer.

Overall the record isn’t going to be my highlight of the year but it’s a definite improvement on their last full length Satanic Surgery. The Final Kill is good fun and a fitting way to end a twenty year career.  It’ll 100% get your foot tapping and your head banging. What more can you really ask for! I can imagine these tracks would go down a storm live and I love how much the sound reflects the group having such a blast whilst making the record.

So if you fancy yourself some new grind that adds a massive dollop of thrash into the mix, then I suggest you give this record a try, it’s pretty fun even if not massively memorable.

Label: Hammerheart Records
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Matt Alexander