Rise To Thunder ‘Master of Infinite Wisdom’ CD 2007

Rise To Thunder 'Master of Infinite Wisdom' CD 2007Stoke’s instrumental four piece Rise To Thunder have been honing their psychedelic stoner style since Christmas day 2001 and have previously issued a live album as a trio in 2004. Recorded at The Lizard Lounge and the brilliantly monickered Psychedelic Batcave, theses names alone already hint at what’s in store on this EP.

Opener ‘Eye of the Pyramid’ immediately evokes a peyote induced desert in the mind, chilled out chords build up to the song’s main riff, that’s fleshed out with some brilliant lead and picking. Second track ‘The Walk’ is a lengthier affair; the opening acoustically played riff becomes instantly ingrained on the listener’s consciousness during the atmospheric build up and is one of those riffs that are so good it won’t leave the mind for quite some time. The song progresses into a psychedelic space-jam and just before the three minute mark the riff proper is laid down, serving to instigate true slow-motion hazy head-banging. Closing epic ‘Bulbous Trichome/Summoning’ features a more up-tempo side to the band and is the sludgier of the tracks. The second section of the track is in stark contrast to the previous music and is a minimalist descent into a bad trip.

The EP’s progression actually mirrors the band’s name to a degree, initially ascending before delving into a thunderous rumble. This 27 minute voyage will definitely appeal to fans of the genre as well as the legendary Kyuss and fellow voiceless UK stoners Mothertrucker.

Label: Future Noise Recordings
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/rise-to-thunder/286621689715

Scribed by: Pete Worth