Review: Repulsive Feast ‘Meat Hook Mutilation’ EP

Repulsive Feast. The name and the artwork really keep nothing close to the chest with regards to what to expect. These German death grinders wowed the world of brutality with their nasty Brewing Rancid Stew EP from 2019, and they’re staying on brand with 2020s Meat Hook Mutilation. Four songs in eight minutes doesn’t give you much to work with as a writer, but brevity has its charm. It is out now through Lycanthropic Chants.

Repulsive Feast ‘Meat Hook Mutilation’

Opener The Dead Walk At Night is rabid, crusty death metal of the most primitive kind. Cacophonous drums clattering amongst suffocating riffs and an inhuman growl. Forever Stiff sounds like gnarly d-beat smashed through a grind machine, prime early Napalm Death violence is the general order of things. The punishing blasting of Bestial Murder is mercifully short, while closer Vapour Torture pushes the death vibes over the grind with a thick attack and guttural vocals.

rabid, crusty death metal of the most primitive kind…

Over far too quickly, I spun this a number of times and each time I enjoyed it a little more. Meat Hook Mutilation is everything you’d expect from eight minutes of primal death/grind but hey, you’d be a real curmudgeon to not appreciate it even a little. Me? This kind of primitive brutality is right up my alley so I’m up for the Repulsive Feast. Feed. Me. More.

Label: Lycanthropic Chants
Band Links: Facebook | Instagram

Scribed by: Sandy Williamson