Review: NYT LIV ‘Den Døde Sol’

Since reviewing Eyes’ tremendous full-length debut album Underperformer back in 2020 (which made my The Sleeping Shaman Top Ten of 2020), I have been exploring the rest of Indisciplinarian’s catalogue with works from black metallers Orm, grindcore crew Piss Vortex and now alt-metal hardcore act NYT LIV.

NYT LIV 'Den Døde Sol'

NYT LIV (New Life) are a Copenhagen quartet made up of Martin Goltermann – guitar, Søren Hvidt – bass, Simon Erlendsson – drums and Michael Aagesen on vocals who formed in 2016. Den Døde Sol (The Dead Sun) is the follow-up to 2019’s Ensomhedens Kolde Kald (The Cold Calling of Solitude) and 2017’s debut EP Livet Brænder (Life Is Burning). Interestingly the band’s logo recalls that of the New York hardcore logo (as designed by The Abused’s Kevin Rowley), offering one clues to the band’s musical inspiration.

Meanwhile, the beautifully picturesque artwork was created by Lasse Høgh (Nyredolk) and based on guitarist Goltermann’s photographs of Copenhagen/Zealand at dusk. Not knowing a word of Danish, I had to take the promo notes at face value that the lyrics center around ‘life and social indignation…About the weak in the world, those who need help and those no one will help’.

Givet Op (Given Up) was the first single to be released from the album and on first listen it’s easy to see why. There is an immediacy that is undeniable, and it tears your face off the moment it starts. Having recently fallen hard for Baltimore melodic metallic hardcore crew Turnstile, this is a track that definitely had an impact on me. Mens Livet Forsvinder (While Life Disappears) was the second single from the album and contains a heavier noise-rock sensibility while Grå Dage (Grey Days) has a black ‘n’ roll influence that you may find on a Kvelertak, or mid to late 90s Entombed album. As intonated by the track’s title there is a downbeat vibe omnipresent.

effortlessly blending together power and melody…

Dit Liv (Your Life) vocally reminds you of Lou Keller from Sick of it All, while musically the track takes a slower more considered approach. In fact, it brought to mind a number of tracks from that band’s Yours Truly album. One is hesitant to use the term ‘progressive’ to describe this, but there is more depth present than heard on its three bulldozing predecessors. Føler Ingenting (Feel Nothing) is a shorter number and absolutely infectious, again comparisons can be drawn to Turnstile, particularly the track Real Thing. Live, it will certainly get the pit moving. Like that band, NYT LIV have a knack for hardcore that gets you both moshing and dancing simultaneously.

Flygt (Escape), as with Dit Liv, alternates between the band’s trademark brand of bracing hardcore (gang choruses in tow) and gloomy post-punk/goth-rock. Come on, it was always going to tick my boxes! Begrav Dig Selv (Bury Yourself) has an angularity/vibrancy that had me nostalgic for Victory Records and bands like Snapcase and Boysetsfire. Sluk Lyset (Turn Off The Light) is the shortest track on the album at 1:18 and feels more like a seque way piece, decent if a little repetitive. As I was listening to it, I Mørket (In The Dark) reminded me of Chicago hardcore legends Articles Of Faith and vocalist Vic Bondi. Like AOF, there are moments of introspective beauty that punctuate the band’s otherwise destructive sound. A fine way to conclude the album.

NYT LIV are symbolic of bands who manage to avoid the pitfalls of the bland ‘tuff-guy’ hardcore of Hatebreed as well as the juvenile pop-punk of NOFX; instead effortlessly blending together power and melody, striking what can be a very delicate balance effortlessly.

Label: Indisciplinarian Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

Scribed by: Reza Mills