Review: Morbid Messiah ‘Disgorged In The Coffin’

Home to groups like Brujeria, Centopath, Mortuary and many more, Mexico has a rich heritage in the extreme and today I get to discuss another group from the Land of Enchantment in the form of death metal bruisers Morbid Messiah who hail from the west of the country in Guadalajara, famous for its Tequila and Mariachi music.

Morbid Messiah ‘Disgorged In The Coffin’

The group have conjured up a new EP Disgorged In The Coffin with six tracks of relentless gore infused death metal. Is it soaked in their cities Tequila? Maybe, but it’s more likely soaked in the rotting insides of a bloated corpse…just how a death metal record should be!  This beasty is out September 24th via Chaos Records, so you haven’t got long to wait to bathe at the temple of the blast.

With a horrifyingly awesome cover that looks like it’s been scrawled down on a post-it note by some deranged serial killer, Dahmer (you get it?) Art did an amazing job here. But does the curtain match the psychotic blood-soaked drapes? From the first second, after the initial sample about Death’s master plan, Morbid Messiah absolutely steam roll you with this crushing riff, which moves into a barrage of blasted drums with a production that’s absolutely primitive and sounds positively huge. This is old school death metal, less of the technical sounds of Chuck Schuldiner’s Death and more the brutal sounds of Finland’s Convulse. This is twenty-one minutes of well executed crunching riffs, viciously monstrous vocals and earth-shattering drums.

six tracks of relentless gore infused death metal…

Speaking of riffs, the combination of the hefty bass lines and the dexterous riffage is really commanding. They drive the entire EP, with the madness occasionally being sliced through with some absolutely ripping solo’s that are just killer and really stand out, often making me whip out the old air guitar to try (and fail) at joining in. It’s reminiscent of all those bands from the late 80s to early 90s that I, and plenty of others, hold in such high regard, Disgorged In The Coffin pays perfect homage!

My favourite part of this EP is the sheer and unbridled power that the group churn up, it screams by at an absolutely breakneck pace, tearing me to absolute shreds. I couldn’t believe that twenty minutes had gone by when the EP came to its untimely close… I wanted more! And I’m sure you will too. I wouldn’t expect anything tremendously unique, or something that necessarily stands out of the seriously busy death metal market that we have at our feet these days, but for an old death head like me I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’d love for this to have been a full-length.  I guess I will have to wait! In the meantime, y’all should check out Morbid Messiah Disgorged In The Coffin and get yourself blasted to bits!

Label: Chaos Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Matt Alexander