Moss ‘Sub Templum’ CD/LP 2008

Moss 'Sub Templum' CD/LP 2008Imagine for a moment that it was possible to play a SUNNO))) riff against an Electric Wizard riff and have them trapped, constantly reverberating and twisting around one another. Bouncing from wall to wall, stuck in a perpetual cycle, forever droning. Now seal them within a dank, lightless cellar gathering dust as they deteriorate into one another over time in the cold dark atmosphere. And if after 400years you were to come along and break open the seal to this tomb, the crawling, debilitating cacophony that you would hear…that rotted occult noise….would be ‘Sub Templum’.

With production duties handled by Jus Oborn, this record is given a very organic, musty old analogue sound that emphasises the sticky occult mire Moss wade through. The poisonous mildew spores that emanate from the speakers when playing the record are proof enough.

Label: Rise Above Records

Scribed by: Andrew Sloan