Morne ‘Asylum’ CD/LP 2011

Morne 'Asylum' CD/LP 2011Many, many times we hear the old cliché about a bands difficult second album. Let’s put that old adage to bed right now.

After 2009’s master class in dark brooding metallic hardcore, namely Feral Ward’s Untold Wait we have here the follow up record. With this the band has kept their sound whilst delving into a slower more complex direction (akin to the title track from Untold Wait). It is a complex record compared to previous material not only in terms of musicianship but primarily complex in structure.

Clocking in at 66 minutes long the record lends coherence as each song follows nicely into the other making it a very comfortable listen, sweeping keyboard passages; with sparse piano add a total sense of ambience whilst the driving guitars give it much needed edge.

To my ears the key to a good production is drum sound, without it a record will sound weak no matter how good everything else sounds. Rest assured the drums are pounding and not too high in the mix; guitar tone is cutting with a subtle bass throbbing behind to make it all ultra heavy. And heavy it is. The vocals as always are not overdone and too high in the mix, they appear only when necessary and this allows the great guitar work to breathe. Lots of picked chords and great riffs, and riffs there are a plenty. Not good riffs but great riffs, a demonstration of great song-writing with amazing trademark breaks in ambience that lead to pulverizing metallic chugging punk riffs, like in personal favourite “I Will See You” the mid section is just amazing with its primal guitar work and a great solo at the end just to seal the deal. Another stand out track is track two “Edge Of The Sky” which towards the end has a powerful ambient and reverb drenched section akin to the likes of latter day Cult Of Luna.

This record embodies everything I like about music and in particular this style. It has everything, great atmosphere, heavy as fuck, great riffs, hooks that pull you into the world in which the songs were written in, a sense of hopelessness rings true throughout the record but, this record is not altogether bleak, as throughout the darkness dawn beckons and with dawn comes a new light.

Label: Profound Lore Records / Alerta Antifascista Records

Scribed by: Jas Murray