Misericorde ‘Soundscapes For The Disenchanted’ CDEP 2008

Misericorde 'Soundscapes For The Disenchanted' CDEP 2008What were you up to in 1987? I was busy bombing down hills on my crappy skateboard and going bleary eyed kicking ass on my newly bought Spectrum. But, completely unbeknown to me it was this very year that one of the all-time seminal doom albums was released….we all know and love it…it is of course….’Born too Late’.

And when I put this demo on the stereo and pressed play, it is this very same riffage that I was thinking of. These three lads from Merseyside & Cheshire are playing doom, but not the filthy, drone of our contemporaries but something older, more magical, something that harks back to the very birth of doom, when it had that wobbly groove and punk attitude of yore. With vocals that are part spoken word, part out-of tune sung, slightly reminiscent of early Cathedral.

This is the bands first demo and they still have some work to do to get themselves into the upper reaches of the doom echelon. A stronger use of song dynamics and a bit more experimentation would push the band forward. Stand-out track for me is ‘Untitled #5’, now this is also an instrumental, whether this is coincidence or proof that the vocals need more work I am not sure, it is however a good song. It’ll be interesting to see where they go on the next release as there really aren’t many bands playing this kinda old-time Doom Metal these days.

Label: Self Released
Website: www.myspace.com/misericordedoom

Scribed by: Andrew Sloan