Lurch – S/T – EP CS/DD 2013

Lurch - S/TThis is a very interesting proposition. Take two nasty Irish sludge/hardcore bands who shared a split back in 2011 (Drainland and Trenches), throw some of their members together in a new band and remove a couple of layers of nihilistic sludge and see what appears…

Lurch is the result of this collaboration, and it’s a very intriguing result indeed. Featuring little of what could be referred to as an ‘expected’ style, the opening track is reminiscent to ‘Bleach’-era Nirvana. They have much more in common with noise rock or early grunge than their previous bands. ‘Butcher’s Rainbow’ is a menacing, writhing beast of noise rock riffs, clean vocals and distorted roars. It is suitably terrifying and great at the same time.

The Removed’ kicks off almost more conventionally, a lurching (sorry) riff then drops into delicate picking without losing a sense of the dark, the disturbed. It is a twisting track, difficult to pin down. Elements of indie rock crash into dirge riffs and pained howls, punishing guitars and drumming thunder takes us home.

You’re Drunk’ is more urgent, off kilter and dissonant. Vocalist Jamie Grimes reminds me of someone who I can’t quite place; but it is a rich mix of early Kurt Cobain and Stephen Richards from Taproot. That’s a good thing by the way, he always had a pretty unique voice for being part of a very average nu metal band. ‘You’re Drunk’ is the most straight forward track on the EP; its hard and fast and catchy as hell. The monolithic closer ‘The Company You Keep’ rounds off this EP in style, building slowly with whispering and gentle notes into a crescendo of crashing cymbals and dissonant riffs. It then builds from the same, quiet section, jerking the listener from lulling respite into strict attention.

Lurch are a band who will appeal to those of us who hoped ‘Bleach’ would have been the blueprint for Nirvana from then on, or that noise rock heroes Harvey Milk would hurry up and make a new record. They aren’t for the easily pleased; this EP is a tangled, twisted entity that with perseverance unlocks its greatest moments for those who look for them.

Label: Self Released
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Sandy Williamson