Lair Of The Minotaur ‘War Metal Battle Masters’ CD 2008

Lair Of The Minotaur 'War Metal Battle Masters' CD 2008They’re back, everyone’s favourite mythological beast slaying, old-school death metal worshipping purveyors of brutal metal barbarianism. And it’s a desolate wasteland Lair of the Minotaur inhabit, strewn with the ragged and battle hungry, giant multi-eyed beasts and frenzied blood soaked nympho-whores.

Last time round saw them unleash ‘The Ultimate Destroyer’, it was a brutal mix of evil riffage, old fashioned death metal from a time when Autopsy took precedence on our stereos all the while displaying a savage contemporary approach akin to fellow steel wielding metal alchemists High on Fire.

And I’m pleased to report the new one doesn’t see the band flirting with that need for artistic maturity that normally results in a bit of prog-wank. Nor does it see them changing tack for something more or less savage. Instead we have another LOTM record, the type of album that will see you buying an axe, covering yourself in blood and screaming at the blackening sky to. It’s just as unrepentant as the last record and this time with a fantastic Sandford Parker production job.

Label: Southern Lord

Scribed by: Andrew Sloan