Review: Kayleth ‘New Babylon’

When Kayleth released their 2020 Back To Earth album, they had found a cold and inhospitable place where humanity was inexorably channelled on a path to extinction. They immediately decided to flee in search of another planet where they could dwell. And rising up like a phoenix from the flames, they arrived at New Babylon.

Kayleth 'New Babylon' Artwork
Kayleth ‘New Babylon’ Artwork

A planet inhabited by humanoids but also by monstrous and ravenous creatures, where the quintet from Verona, led by vocalist Enrico Gastaldo, could feel inspired to write and create more of their stoner/desert rock vibes, with added doom and psychedelic tendencies thrown in for extra wonder and splendour.

The album has nine songs, starting with opener The Throne with the synths from Michele Montanari coming through nice and clear, adding a great dimension to the music. It’s a raucous opening track with a punchy feel to it and leads perfectly into The Night which drifts along effortlessly, the riff from Massimo Dala Valle carries the song at a great pace, and you can sense that the band have evolved and are continuing their own journey, never stopping because who seeks will find itself.

an intergalactic ride from start to finish…

The album covers many themes, like the Giants March that stomps about raising immense clouds of dust, stealing and plundering everything from people, much like corporations, who know no defeat and have no weaknesses. There’s the myriad of Cyber Slaves who are surrendered to live in huge troughs, who toil at nothing and find meaning in nothing, and the Pyramids erected by men who think they are gods and turn the things life gave them into weapons and death, changing their use and meaning.

However, with Megalodon they have created an epic, wizardry piece of music that conjures up thoughts of space travel and dissecting planets, chasing shooting stars, and I get lost even deeper in the music. It evokes childhood memories of wanting to go up in a rocket and touch the moon and stars with my bare hands. It’s an intergalactic ride from start to finish, with the rhythm section of Alessandro Zanetti on bass and Daniele Pedrollo on drums, really coming into their own.

Overall, the band have arrived at a place where people prefer a convenient lie to an uncomfortable truth, and this comes across eloquently in their music and lyrics. Sit down and really take in We Are Aliens as it’s a joy to listen to, but are the aliens we think exist, just like us? Let Kayleth take you on their journey of discovery.

Label: Argonauta Records
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Scribed by: Matthew Williams