Kodiak – S/T – 2xCD

Kodiak - ST - 2xCDThis double CD that has emerged from Denovali Records introduces to the listener the first three releases by the German band Kodiak. Styling themselves on SunnO))) and Switchblade this release consists of ambient dark soundscapes and guitar generated drone. Unfortunately the release is somewhat overwhelming with more material than anyone might possibly be able to sit through in one go. This makes for a release that has more to do with endurance than really enjoying the apparent talent on display.

Some may regard it as dangerous that a band such as this should liken themselves to the stalwarts of experimental music simply because drone can become so easily generic. Compositional detail therefore becomes a must when considering how to convey the music being generated, to not do so in such a narrow field can make each song sound as if it has been formed from a contrived impression that the band think they are amazing.

Unfortunately this is where I find Kodiak, desperate to ape their masters, this band has neither the imagination or the intrinsic aesthetic to convincingly carry this off. Sounding like a third rate Ocean (Maine), the music does not move or evoke resulting in the band not being able to leave a tidal impression on your mind. As soon as one movement has passed, it is as quickly forgotten. If hitting one note with some atmospheric effect is your thing you should check this out, and indeed live this certainly could be a band worth delving into.

Recording wise it all sounds rather flat and if anything over produced since the guitars sound thin and wispy with over emphasis on the atmosphere rather than the drama. I liken this release to a script without words, it therefore relates to a void, an absolute emptiness with nothing but an idea to hold the thing together.

In short, if you are into Lustmord, like the occasional piano interlude and then some modern sounding fizzy amps trying to generate an unspeakable but always missed heaviness you should look into this release. If on the other hand you prefer experimentation to reflect true inspirational talent with a university lexicon of ideas then I would suggest you wait for the next SunnO))) or Switchblade release rather than wasting your time with this rather pumped up with its own self importance release. Harsh but true…..

Label: Denovali Records
Website: www.denovali.com/kodiak

Scribed by: Pete Hamilton-Giles