Kings Destroy ‘Old Yeller/Medusa’ 7″ 2010

Kings Destroy 'Old Yeller/Medusa' 7"Brooklyn NY based behemoths Kings Destroy do themselves a bit of a disservice when they refer to themselves as a hybrid of stoner-rock and doom – this, my friends, is DOOM all the way!

No trace of a recycled Kyuss or Fu Manchu riff to be found within the two lithe, muscular tracks of this debut 7″ release. Instead Kings Destroy give us tightly compact doom in the vein of a less sprawling Yob meeting a steroid-pumped classic Black Sabbath head-on.

Comprised of members of old-school NYHC stalwarts Killing Time and Uppercut, amongst others, Kings Destroy are a young band of old hands using their mutual experience to produce focussed, mature-sounding music that has the weight and depth of Doom Metal, and the tight punchiness of Hardcore.

A-side track ‘Old Yeller’ hoves into earshot with a lumbering slow-mo Vitus-esque riff and some striking vocals from Steve Murphy – alternating between a nasal sounding wailing moan that sounds for all the world like a cross between Ozzy of old and the snotty, sneering whine of Johnny Rotten (!), and a hoarse, throaty, bark – before moving into a wonderfully gloomy descending wah-embellished riff that suddenly changes up a notch into a ‘Children of the Grave’ – style scything gallop. No solos, just occasional flourishes from axemen Carl Porcaro and Chris Skowronski, no meandering, just quality Doom Metal with a groove. Bang on.

The flip, Medusa, comes in on a loping bass groove from Ed Bocchino, joined by the spacious drums of Rob Sefcik before the down-tempo Sabbath riff and oddly droning vocal line hit us in a one-two thwack. Mention must be made, upon listening to this track, of the sterling job done by producer Mike Moebius; the mix gives enough room to every instrument that no nuance is lost, and an atmospheric spaciousness abounds – particularly on the midsection of the track during which huge hanging chords are overshadowed by a droning, humming, almost subliminal vocal part. Unlike on the A-Side, a tasteful solo is whipped out over a riff reminiscent of the opening riff to ‘Supernaut’ and then BANG – it’s over, and I’m left wanting more.

According to their press release, the band are recording their debut full-length release this summer, with audio-wizard Sanford Parker of Minsk at the helm. Now THAT is something to be excited about. Here’s hoping that the LP will be every bit as enjoyable as this 7″……and THEN some.

Label: Self Released

Scribed by: Paul Robertson