Hittegods ‘Let It Burn’ CD 2011

Hittegods 'Let It Burn' CD 2011Hmm…ah…um…ok…this is awkward!!!! When a band seem so in love with rock and roll and claim AC/DC as an influence I’ll pretty much throw myself fully behind them…there’s nothing I love more than a filthy slice of down home, shit kicking rock and roll. This latest release from Finland’s Hittegods, however, is a little like being invited to a keg party and turning up to find it’s a black tie affair!!!

To be fair, Hittegods do clearly love rock and roll, In fact they pretty much say exactly that in “Fool For Rock”, and they clearly enjoy what they’re doing. These guys definitely know how to play their instruments and the musicianship remains high throughout. They also know their way round a catchy tune and the four songs on offer here do come good with the big choruses and some tasty riffs do rise to the surface. The problem is, it’s all a little polite. The band seem to take their primary influences from the big cheesy rock of the 80’s but their take on ZZ Top’s boogie lacks Billy Gibbons’ quirky weirdness and their take on the teased and primped tones of Whitesnake lacks David Coverdale’s obsession with his own cock.

It’s almost as if Hittegods are too tight. Everything here is performed with mechanical precision with a crystal clear sound. The guitar is crisp and processed and the drums snap clinically…this is rock and roll with a nice shirt and a well pressed pair of slacks where it should have oil on its jeans, puke down its shirt and cum stains in its pants!!! In effect this sounds like rock and roll being played by bank managers…they’re undoubtedly having a blast doing it but it lacks the grime that makes true rock and roll great.

If you happen to be in Finland and these guys are playing a bar near you then set yourself up near the bar, grab a beer and settle down for an evening of head nodding rock and roll but don’t be expecting the world to shift on its axis!!!

Label: Self Released
Website: www.hittegods.net

Scribed by: Ollie Stygall