Review: Golgotha ‘Spreading The Wings Of Hope’

The haunting melody greets you from the start of the six-minute opening track For Every Tear, but you already know that’s what you are going to get from Spain’s renowned troubadours of the disconsolate lament, pre-eminent artisans of doom and desolation, Golgotha with their new album Spreading The Wings Of Hope.

Golgotha 'Spreading The Wings Of Hope' Artwork
Golgotha ‘Spreading The Wings Of Hope’ Artwork

Featuring eight new songs with even more sombre reflection and measured melodies, taking the listener on an emotional voyage of musical discovery and the opening track sets the pattern and tone for the talents to once again be exposed to the world, under the guiding hand of guitarist Vicente J. Paya.

You can sense a deep sadness throughout their first single Gilded Cage with the piano section adding to the emotional aspect of the music. It has that deep goth vibe to it, with uplifting vocal melodies from María J. Lladó, changing the direction of the song several times, but the roaring vocal from Andrew Spinoza allows the narrative of a hollow, empty relationship to come across in an alluring fashion.

The album feels majestic and nostalgic and will leave an indelible mark on the listener…

This twin vocal assault allows the songs to flow effortlessly as they almost battle for supremacy like Roman gladiators, each in awe of the other, set against the resplendent riffs. They are entwined as one as you can feel the emotion pouring out in songs like A Solitary Soul and Hear Their Cries, their brand of melodic doom metal is powerful and heartfelt with the rhythms playing a key role.

Human Vultures is like a death march through a dark wooded forest, surrounded by hooded creatures of evil, a nightmarish scenario for some which others embrace. It’s deeply atmospheric and brooding with the thrilling dynamic of the cleaner vocal from María creating a song of soul touching beauty. This is followed by Closed Heart which continues the same themes of evocative melodies, beguiling vocals and imposing music that will resonate with so many.

The album concludes with the title track Spreading The Wings of Hope and followed by Hope As Guide with its touching piano intro, leading to the stirring vocal, succinct, sublime guitar solo, emotive final words and climactic finish that will leave you a bit stunned!! The album feels majestic and nostalgic and will leave an indelible mark on the listener.

Label: Ardua Music
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Scribed by: Matthew Williams