Review: Githyanki ‘Rollin’ The Dice’

The Githyanki are a fascinating element found in the lore of Dungeons & Dragons, with a lot of interesting details about them. They are a species that somehow evolved from humanity to become guardians of the Astral Plane, where the absence of the passage of time gave them ample chance to practice any number of arts. Seems like they’d make great companions!

Githyanki 'Rollin' The Dice'

In this terrenal plane during the pandemic, time has also seemed to stop passing. In 2019, Githyanki‘s guitarist broke his leg and collarbone in a bad Vespa accident. By the time he healed up, the coronavirus was bearing down, making his time spent in isolation even more prolonged.

During this period of human isolation, many have turned to practicing the arts, and in turn hatched a rich creative output. Githyanki, on their part, knuckled down in the depths of Cascadia and created Rollin’ The Dice, the first full length album by this heavy grunge and noise rocking punk-metal trio, comprised of Steve Hass on drums, Marc-Anthony Burno on bass and vocals, and Jeff McNulty on guitar and vocals.

Plague Beard is a rough sound for a rough look, and it’s a short intro that eases us into a world of extreme fun. The band rocks right from the start of the album and the sound is clear and powerful. Riffs and composition should be described as hell of fun, and lyrics are clearly understood, helping the vocals really stand out.

Even though the music is a blast, Isolationists is a pretty serious track. However, Rollin’ The Dice is the most fun tabletop gaming song I’ve ever heard. Use of samples is pretty much perfectly executed for hilarious effect. They Live 2021 is a great exploration of the themes of the classic film with heavy and on the nose use of samples. The Reliquary is a throw down mosh pit anthem in a very old school 90s hardcore vein, and it’s another great track.

Spanish Fly is a Fudge Tunnel cover that, with this sort of sound, brings to mind Nailbomb’s most intensely plodding moments. End Of The World is a really fun interlude of casual apocalypse, like the ones we’ve become accustomed to. Starcrusher draws you right back in with it’s sick as fuck riffing.

Tower Of Conviction is another song with a more serious tone, and a more menacing vibe, as it is intended as a protest song. Go Forth & KILL! is another interlude of cinematic proportions. Range Of Time is in doomier territory without losing the intense but fun energy that carries throughout this record.

The River closes out the album with a swinging, laid back and noise-rock groove, bluesy in the greasiest most awesome way. Great fucking track. Great fucking album, made me fucking wet. Definitely looking forward to the future of Githyanki.

Rollin’ The Dice features badass gaming themed artwork by Seattle artist Moises Pimentel and was recorded and mixed by the band’s guitarist, experienced record engineer and producer ‘Shirtless’ Jeff McNulty, with mastering by Phil Petrocelli.

Label: Independent
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Goro Riffs