Review: Flamebearer ‘Fire On The Horizon’ EP

I had a conversation recently about music, creativity and a total lack of rules or boundaries when it comes to inventing and expressing your soul through ANY creative medium? Rules (for me, at least) seem too counter-intuitive, and who the fuck wants to live inside a box when you’re building your personal Frankenstein’s Monster from the deepest pits of your psyche?

Flamebearer 'Fire On The Horizon'

London quartet Flamebearer seem to live by a similar philosophy. There’s a deep-rooted rock ‘n’ roll ethos, laid out for all the honest world to see that is the lynchpin of their sound, with shots of stoner, metal, both metal and some glimpses of classic, crotch-grabbing ‘metal’, courtesy of vocalist Andrew Valiant’s tonsils, and even some hooky, catchy melodic elements that offset the raw blast of sound. Breed this with some no-bullshit, heavy duty playing, and you’re left with a potent little fuck-buddy to play with.

The thunderous open riff to Across The Ocean is a key indicator of what’s in store. Pumping and solid, it’s what good rock ‘n’ roll should be! High energy riffage is the name of the game with Pledge To You. Fat as fuck guitar tones, a smokin’ solo from guitarist Alastair Riddell whilst Thiago Pinho pound the living shite outta his kit are genuine highlights on this track.

High energy riffage is the name of the game…

The mood swing of the final track, Cave Of Birds, is underpinned by the liquid fuzztone bass of Dom Bailey, and blends perfectly with the vibe as it quietly builds up towards the end. The vocals are muted and the guitar fills out the song with some noodly melody, before fading away.

As seasoned as next Saturday nights’ brisket, the combined playing of Flamebearer is a key component to this band. The songs are cool, and the sounds are suitable dense and chunky, although clocking in at the standard EP length of seventeen minutes, it kinda left me wanting more. Probably a good sign!

Label: Independent
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: El Jefe