Filthpact ‘Resurrected Under Condemnation’ CD/DD 2014

Filthpact 'Resurrected Under Condemnation'Filthpact are, or should I say were, a Scottish crust punk band full of grindcore and socio-political influences. They split up this year, but have released Resurrected Under Condemnation, a collection of all their tracks released between 2010 and 2014.

We’re looking at 20 tracks of nasty, crusty hardcore here. Opener Showman is particularly vicious, and gets us off to a good start. Followed by the barrelling State Dealer and the savage Blood Sport Charade, Filthpact show no restraint in grabbing you straight by the jugular and causing serious neck damage. Lyrically we’re looking at the usual suspects of alienation from modern society, the evils of modern life, and the carnage of horse racing? Yes, it’s all here, and it’s all suitably nasty and violent.

Parading As Punk is a retort to people who go to gigs to cause problems, Can’t Complain rails against wage slavery and Fit For Service bemoans issues about state handouts. Filthpact cover most socio-political issues well, smothering them in a belligerent and savage d-beat attack. The title track proudly states that they are back from hiatus (ironically) to bring pure crust violence. Not for personal gain or nostalgia, but purely to bring the noise and the attitude. This they do with aplomb.

It’s almost a shame in a way that this collection of tracks will possibly be their final release. Filthpact is an intelligent monster; the unhinged razor blade assault on the modern grind of daily life. Take Digital Division for example. It apes prime Pig Destroyer while throwing in some dirty crust riffs, all the while raging against the alienation that reliance on computers is causing in the human race.

Alba (The Chains Are On) gives the hot topic of Scottish Independence a good kicking, and hurls out some almost classic heavy metal riffs at the end. Slamming in two Motörhead covers (Ace Of Spades & Iron Fist) and a Thin Lizzy cover Emerald (seriously) that are all excellent and helps to show that Filthpact weren’t just a one trick grind pony. Emerald in particular revels in the harsher delivery, and sounds pretty awesome. The Motörhead ones sound as you’d expect, but that’s no surprise; the ‘head have always been crust punk in spirit anyway.

Resurrected Under Condemnation is a suitable final fuck you from Filthpact. Never restraining themselves and rarely coming in at anything less than the speed of sound, this is a collection of breakneck hardcore punk full of bile, spite and opinions. Just like a good crust/grind record should be.

Label: At War With False Noise
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Sandy Williamson