Review: Ectoplasma ‘Inferna Kabbalah’

Inferna Kabbalah is the fourth full length from Greek death metallers Ectoplasma and finding a permanent home on the roster of Memento Mori has certainly given the band a reputational boost as well. Now that is a label that hits way more times than it misses. This was released in January in a collaborative effort with Rotted Life Records (who are putting out the cassette edition) as well and continues their drive to create music far from the shiny modern death metal we see a lot of these days.

Ectoplasma 'Inferna Kabbalah'

God is Dead, Satan Lives (Rosemary’s Baby) is a track that you could probably sum up all of what you’re about to hear; a bowel churning death metal assault, firmly aimed at the sludgy, grimy end of the spectrum. I’ve come across comparisons to Bolt Thrower before, particularly on their Cavern Of Foul Unbeings album, and there is a definite vibe of that or Asphyx coming through in the likes of the title track, or even the born again The Killchain vibe of Desecration Of The Christian Existence.

a bowel churning death metal assault…

What Inferna Kabbalah really has going for it though is a healthy dose of that strange, Greek black magick that you see in the likes of Rotting Christ or Septicflesh. Sure, Ectoplasma are firmly and staunchly death metal but there is an ancient malevolence hanging over the morbid chug of Gruesome Sacred Orgasms or even the more rapid fire Infestation of Atrocious Hunger. It adds a wonderful unease to proceedings that helps to push Ectoplasma above your run of the mill old school death metal bands. The bulldozing Filth-Ridden Flesh is like a carpet bombing of the soul, but that description could almost cover everything.

Inferna Kabbalah originally feels like your meat and potatoes old school death metal record before it begins to coil and writhe within a much more nuanced and varied approach. Ectoplasma have found a magic formula to keep them not only interesting but bordering on essential as a blueprint for how to do this kind of thing right. Lots of bands out there try and ape Bolt Thrower, but few do so much to take that in new and interesting directions. Inferna Kabbalah is that new direction.

Label: Memento Mori | Rotted Life Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Sandy Williamson