Review: Enigma Experience ‘Question Mark’

I ’ve come to learn that there is something special about Sweden and music. Bands such as Candlemass, Entombed, Cult of Luna, Truckfighters, Lowrider, Dozer…the list goes on…we’re formed in the mountainous region. The only reasonable explanation for the amount of amazing heavy music coming from Sweden is that the mountain water must alter their DNA like some sort of heavy metal superheroes! Enigma Experience will fit right in as a new member of the Swedish Avengers (or Justice League if you’re a DC fan) and with their debut album Question Mark, I believe they’re here to stay.

Enigma Experience 'Question Mark'

Enigma Experience is a three piece band consisting of Niklas ‘Mr. Dango’ Källgren (guitars, bass) former Truckfighters band mate Pezo sits behind the kit and introducing Maurice Adams taking the lead vocals role. The band name is something to consider as well because they’re not lying, their debut album is definitely an experience!

I’m a sucker for long intros that slowly build up in intensity. Realityline is the definition of that. Around the four minute mark is when the song really picks up with a definite Truckfighters feel if Chris Cornell were lending vocals. The track runs at just under eleven minutes and in that first song you realize you’re in for quite the experience.

Any fans of Truckfighters will immediately enjoy their next song, and single off the album, Lonewolf. It starts with a classic Dango riff with slight fuzz and octaves making it fun and catchy. Maurice’s vocals start to show their power in this song and although, it’s a great four minutes and the perfect single so promote the album, it’s actually my least favorite on the record.

Now we arrive at Mighty Mind. This song is incredible. As described by Dango himself in my recent interview ‘…Mighty Mind there is not really a riff, just a flow throughout the whole song. Whatever sounds good and feels good that comes out of my mind.’ I appreciate the slower pace of this song. It has a very calming feel where you can just sit back and let this song take you places.

A soft drawn out opening to heavy fuzzed out guitars. Moments of pure calmness followed by controlled chaos…

Don’t let Mighty Mind take you too far though, because Corruption is a hard hitting song with an explosive intro riff. The gem of this album is tucked away for you to find. Lucky for you, I found it and will tell you it’s at the three minute forty mark, where you can hear why Dango wanted to start a band with Maurice Adams.

Equilibrium continues the Truckfighters tone with another catchy riff that is signature to Dango. Immediately after the album gets real as In My Mind My Secret Place starts off with a quiet single note guitar with whispering vocals. The feel of the song definitely builds for an epic conclusion to this experience!

The Z and The Zone are the final ‘two’ tracks that are actually one long song according to Dango. The Z is an epic two and a half minute solo that’s starts calm and ends with fuzz ridden guitar that I can’t get enough off. At the end of the solo The Zone starts with the heaviest riff of the album, accompanied by a fast hard hitting drum beat that shows why Dango chose Pezo to sit behind the kit. It’s as if he saved his secret weapon for the end.

I’ll say it again Enigma Experience is the perfect band name, from start to finish you’re not listening, but experiencing, what these three musicians are feeling when recording this album. A soft drawn out opening to heavy fuzzed out guitars. Moments of pure calmness followed by controlled chaos. Moments that bring you back to Gravity X immediately followed by fresh new riffs only to end with a faced paced epic conclusion leaving you with only one question….when is the sequel?

Label: Fuzzorama Records
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

Scribed by: Josh Schneider