Drainland ‘And So Our Troubles Began’ CD 2011 (Southern Lord)

Drainland 'And So Our Troubles Began' CD 2011 (Southern Lord)Power and violence, but not power violence. Not quite. Southern Lord have made a canny move in signing this combustive Dublin-based four piece. In fact I think Southern Lord have made quite a few wise moves recently. Nails, Black Breath, Summon The Crows, Seven Sisters Of Sleep. They’ve always had their music head well and truly screwed on. Incidentally, they do like the word ‘crust’ a lot don’t they?

Anyway, this is Drainland’s last two vinyl releases collected on one CD, and limited to 1000 copies, and it is excellent. Six of the eight tracks are from the 2010 vinyl release with the same title as this CD, and two are from a previous vinyl outing. I will not wax too lyrical as the six track vinyl release was ably reviewed by Mr Paul Robertson on the Sleeping Shaman around this time last year. Dig it out from the archives. Suffice to say this is one savage little 28 minute compact disc that will delight your ears for quite some time.

Just like Bolo in ‘Enter the Dragon’, Drainland really know how to flex their big muscles. Solid. Aggressive. Tight as nuts. Quirky like a shaven tiger. I know because I witnessed them blast through a rippling set of chunky hardcore-infused sonic battery at the 1 in 12 Club one sweltering summer night last year. They held their own admirably, coming on like quipping raging monkey punks on meth after Bong had altered the vibe to a decidedly mellow slug-paced psychedelic pitch.

Yes, these Irish fellas can sure belt out the crushing angst. I hear southern-fried sludge, nauseating power-electronics and rampaging hardcore from across the decades come together to make sweet sweet soul-draining music.

For me, the best track out of a top bunch is ‘Limb Template’ which exhilarates with its huge and ultra-heavy propellant fury. I defy you not to swoon at its crazed juggernaut power. Elsewhere, tracks like ‘Jellyfish’ fucking take your face off with the kind of confidence you usually only hear with American hardcore legends. I like it very much. It is very good. I’m going to listen to it again, and hope that Drainland will record a new album that is just as stimulating as this sick-pack of HC hell. KOOL.

Label: Southern Lord
Website: www.myspace.com/drainlanddublin

Scribed by: Adam Stone