Disfear ‘Live The Storm’ CD 2008

Disfear 'Live The Storm' CD 2008What does the term Punk Rock mean these days? It’s a genre so watered down by lightweight, pop star-aspiring posturing, and if were honest it never meant much in the first place anyway. The Sex Pistols were just a 70’s boy band assembled by that toff Mclaren as an experiment in the use of controversy as a marketing tool. It is big business, ruled by the man with capitalism sitting at its heart. The real punk lay beneath the surface, the crust anthems of Discharge, Conflict and Amebix being a true representation of what it means to be Punk Rock.

Disfear are the spawn of the latter, a Swedish Punk crew with as much spirit as spite. This is their new album and they have enlisted the help of two of Sweden’s Death Metal elite, on guitar we have Ulfe Cederlund (ex-Entombed) and with vocals covered by Thomas Lindberg (ex-At The Gates). Now this is every bit as good as it sounds, coming across like the venom spitting offspring of Entombed and Discharge. With production duties handled by Kurt Ballou (Converge) it is a dirty, aggressive sounding record.

Lindberg has one of the most potent, scrapping rasps in the world of metal, and his projects since ATG just haven’t contended with that harsh acidic snarl of his. With Disfear he has finally found a vessel suitable to carry him and the energy and aggression he adds to these songs is instantly visible especially in the pounding ‘fuck you’ of the track ‘Testament’. If you dig Entombed, Cursed, Discharge then get this record. You might just find yourself ripping up your stonewashed jeans, putting safety pins in your leather jacket, drinking Diamond White and knocking the hats off the heads of your local constabulary.

Label: Relapse Records
Website: www.disfear.com

Scribed by: Andrew Sloan