Deviated Instinct / Summon The Crows – Split 7″ Reissue 2013

Deviated Instinct / Summon The Crows - Split 7"Towards the end of the last decade the return of the likes of crust punk originators Amebix and Deviated Instinct was certainly unexpected, almost downright unthinkable to those who were there the first time around, but when you take into consideration the context for their respective reformations it makes perfect sense.

Their music first soundtracked the anger and frustrations of a generation over two decades earlier who were disillusioned with Tories, wars they didn’t vote for, widespread unemployment among the youth… it’s almost 2014 and look where we are. Nothing ever fucking changes.

Far from being any sort of cash grab reunion (HA!), each band returned promising new material and it was clear when it arrived that both acts had plenty of fury pent up over the past couple of decades. While Amebix’ new recorded material flirted with experimentation and progression, and were somewhat successful at the expense of much of what made them so vital the first time around, Deviated Instinct sounded just as disgusting and disgusted as ever.

Their sole contribution to this split, the appropriately monickered ‘End Times‘, is a ferocious four-minute exercise in filth. Founding members Leggo and Mid have definitely been keeping tabs on the genre they helped define, incorporating many of the contemporary characteristics of what crust has become since they split in 1991; the abrasive guitar and almost death-like vocals make this sound far more relevant than the endless young bands ripping off the Portland-via-Tennessee-circa-2000 sound.

The cries of “Seize! The! Day!” throughout the track exhibit a trait inherent in all the best of this genre; that ‘fuck you’ defiance in the face of adversity. From this one track alone it’s clear Deviated Instinct have just as much to be angry about now as they did first time around.

They share this split with a band who clearly take influence from their forebears, Norway’s Summon The Crows. Contributing two tracks of crust in a similar vein, they more than match Deviated Instinct for all-out aggression and raw tone.

First track ‘The Burning‘ has it all: clattering drums, gut-rumbling bass, rusty hacksaw guitars, there’s even an “UGH!” to kick things off, what more could you ask for? Their second contribution, ‘Children Of The Light‘, doesn’t deviate too far from this template, but if things are just as broke as ever, why fix ’em? The frantic guitar solo towards the end of the track is reason enough to give this side of the record as many spins as the other.

Originally released by Nakkeskudd Plater, this vital split 7″ has recently seen a re-press by Disiplin Media. Don’t hesitate to pick it up, as it’s putrid proof that crust is alive and well and just as angry as ever.

Label: Disiplin Media
Deviated Instinct: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter
Summon The Crows: Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Ross McKendrick